Sean Lipidis.

Kia ora koutou.

[ Hello all ] Laid out below is my curated body of work; a collection of design for web and mobile, front end development and the occasional motion graphic. All intended to be absorbed, interpreted, critiqued and maybe even to inspire.

Reel Choice.

Custom typography adds character & a heavily visual interface promotes exploration.

A native iPhone application that lets users explore content from nz on screen and the nz film commission. The design focuses on content and with a custom interface ensures a great experience.

National Library AV Pods.

A minimalist design aesthetic puts the focus on content, touch interactions & the user experience.

A touch screen interface design that allows user to browse through curated sets of video, audio and images. Targeted at a wide visiting audience it was important for interactions to be easily understood.

Ministry of Women's Affairs.

The use of colour, imagery & type create an authoritative yet welcoming feel.

Refreshing and repositioning of the ministry's online identity. Readability, credibility and access to information was my focus when approaching the redesign.

National Library Search Stations.

Simplistically functional with the importance on searching.

Designed for research use within the library. The design was optimised for a set screen size allowing full use of the screen width. Users are able to see all content upfront and easily navigate the expanse of records.

While You Were Sleeping.

A contemporary & functional design with a strong visual style & character.

Re-designed for the 2012 frankfurt book fair where New Zealand was the guest of honour. Designed with content at the forefront, details add a sense of personality and whimsy.

Live to Work.

A high pace brings energy & engagement to the data.

Created for the Mix and Mash Competition. Using data sourced from Statistics New Zealand, this infographic reveals how New Zealanders spend their money. Swift, punchy, and informative. The use of a minimal palette and stylised silhouettes keeps the facts at the forefront.

NZ at Frankfurt.

Large typography, imagery & texture create an open & welcoming feel.

For the international book fair where New Zealand was the guest of honour. Subtle texture and a serif typeface create a strong link to printed books. Large open letter forms and image treatments convey warmth and friendliness. The landscape and the long white cloud detail connect visually to New Zealand.

National Library.

Controlled design with the focus on functionality.

Designed to streamline their online catalogues, users now have access to over 25 million records in one place. The use of a minimalist colour palette brings content to the forefront. Subtle texture and fine line details help convey a sense of attention to detail. A bold rich red line carries across the brands colour.

Campaign for MMP.

A strong message set in a contemporary type lockup set the tone.

Designed for the 2011 elections where New Zealand voted to keep MMP. Visitors are compelled to sign on and show their support. The site was designed to be very modular, allowing sections to be moved around as the changing content would require it.

Smart Promo.

Dynamic motion showcases the products features.

Created to promote a new product at its trade show release, the promo clearly and quickly convey features and information. A minimal approach to colour allows the product to be the focus.